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Become confident enough to wear your favorite outfit and look good in front of a full-length mirror!

Best guidance, support and training from fitness professionals

Ask most men or women how best to get into shape and they will answer "I do cardio" or "I try and watch what I eat"- That just doesn't cut it!

No doubt you get bombarded and confused with what you hear, what you read in glossy magazines and what you see on t.v. or social media.

It actually comes down to getting the best guidance, support and training from fitness professionals who understand and put your needs first.

Our job is to help you achieve the goals you've been dreaming of and to keep you looking a way that makes you feel proud.

Julie Jewiss

Age 55, overweight and getting breathless going up stairs - time to change. Had never been to a gym before and was nervous. But infitness put me at ease and they understood my "why". 3 years later, 3 stone lighter with increased energy, fitness and confidence - PT sessions and healthy eating now part of my life!

Diane Ridgwell

I'd been avoiding my weight issues for a long time until I nervously visited infitness. The welcome could not have been friendlier, with a clear explanation of how they would help me achieve my goals, which they are dedicated to. My weight loss program and personal training clearly works, I'm healthier, have dropped 2 dress sizes, look better and feel great!

  • Regain the confidence to wear whatever you like
  • Just 1.5 hours a week, out of 168, for priceless health benefits
  • Overcome your fears! Noticeable improvements in no time
  • You'll soon get you into your best shape ever
  • Weight loss experts - with years of successes
  • From trainers who understand and put your needs first
  • In a friendly non-intimidating environment
  • Easy to follow, practical eating plans for fitness and fat loss
  • The best guidance, support and training programs around
  • Look good - feel great

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