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you'll feel so much healthier, fitter, with greater energy and confidence

Even as far back as 1993, when infitness was initiated it was apparent that many men and women were intimidated by walking into a gym for the first time.

It was also obvious that most people don't know where to start when it comes to losing weight and getting into shape.

Ever since then we've been known for our friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere and as a gym that understands your needs, cares about you and gets you RESULTS!

So stop paying attention to what you read or hear in the media and give us a go!

Like many of those before you - you'll achieve great results too!

As many of our testimonials read: you'll feel so much healthier, fitter, with greater energy and confidence, you'll wish you'd started sooner!

We have a system for you!

  • NO CONTRACT ( you're in control )
  • NO JOINING FEE ( no-one wants to be paying these out-dated fees )
  • NO MINIMUM-TIE IN if it's not for you then you can easily walk away )
  • FREE TRIAL PERIOD ( dip your toe in first if you prefer to )
  • HIGH VALUE PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGES ( to keep you motivated and deliver RESULTS! )
  • PERSONAL TRAINING PLANS ( so you know exactly what to do and when without getting lost and confused )
  • HEALTHY EATING PROGRAMMES that help you choose the right foods for you and your lifestyle without being on a restrictive diet )
  • ACCESS TO PRIVATE MEMBERS GROUP ( a central hub that will house all your member benefits, tips, tricks and 24/7 access to your trainers and friends )
  • WEEKLY PROGRESS CHECKS ( to record your results and progress and keep you on track)
  • RESULTS GUARANTEED! what have you got to lose?? )

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